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Hours of Operation

We are open from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday to Friday with the exception of statutory holidays including Easter Monday, Remembrance Day, Boxing Day. Early closure at noon on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

The Provincial Employees Daycare Centres assume responsibility for all children from the time they are dropped off by the parent / guardian or school bus until the time they are picked up by the parent / guardian or school bus.

In order that your children derive full benefit from our program, we advise that your child be in the Centre before 9:00 a.m. We ask that you avoid bringing your child between 11:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. unless previous arrangements have been made with the staff. During these hours, the children are eating lunch and / or napping and will be more easily disrupted should a child arrive.

If your child will be absent from the Centre, please advise the Centre no later than 8:30 a.m. This will assist the staff in their daily program planning.


Arrival and Departure

A child’s day should not exceed your work day plus travelling time, up to a maximum of 9 hours. This is important for your child and also helps to ensure that the child / staff ratio is not too high at the beginning and end of the day. Should you require longer hours, you must prearrange them with the Director. Should you repeatedly exceed the 9.0 hour rule, the matter will be referred to the Board and care of your child may be terminated.

Please allow enough time in the morning to undress your child and to tend to his / her needs. This should help to ensure that your child’s day is a happy and relaxed one. A child is not to be left unattended in the locker area. Please inform staff of your child’s arrival and departure by verbal communication and sign the designated in / out sheet. The Daycare will not assume responsibility for a child left outside or elsewhere in the building.


Late Policy

The Daycare closes at 5:30 p.m. Parents (or alternates) are expected to arrive in enough time to dress your child, gather their belongings & leave the Centre by 5:30 p.m. An escalating late fee will be charged as follows: $5.00 for the first 15 minutes late; $10.00 for the next 15 minutes late and $15.00 for the last 15 minutes late up to 45 minutes for a total of $30.00. After 6:15pm, if we have not heard from a parent or have been unable to reach your designated alternate, law obliges us to contact Child & Family Services &/or the Police. The Daycare clock calculates the time.

A late slip will be completed & the late fee is to be paid directly to the staff member on duty. No receipt will be issued. Failure to pay late fee charges &/or being late on three occasions may result in a notice of withdrawal of Daycare services.

If there is an emergency & you know you will be late, please phone the Daycare. We understand that cars fail, buses are late, tough weather conditions may occur etc. & we will take these circumstances under consideration. Also, when you call, we are then able to reassure your child that you are running late but will be arriving shortly.


Food Program

Infants and Toddlers:
Parents of infants and toddlers are required to provide infant cereal, baby food and formula. Please bring fresh, well-prepared and nutritious foods that can be placed in a microwave or hot water for warming.

Please be careful in your handling of food. Food must be brought in clean / sterilized containers. The staff will be meticulous but cannot be responsible for ill effects of food brought in by parents.

Milk / formula must be provided in unbreakable bottles.

All food containers must be labeled with contents and the child’s name, and placed in the refrigerator.

The Daycare Centres provide a nutritious breakfast, a full hot lunch and an afternoon snack, whole milk and juice. Menus are posted on the bulletin board and follow a 2 week rotation. Menu changes may occur in accordance to supplies on hand. The cost of the food program is $60.00 per billing period (every 4 weeks) & is billed with your parent fees. Parents who choose to do so may opt out of the lunch program and must supply a lunch for their child on a daily basis.

Mothers who wish to continue breast-feeding are encouraged to do so. Coming to the Daycare to feed your child his / her lunch can be a pleasant visit for both of you.

Staff will maintain daily written documentation of your child’s diet and eating behaviour. Should you notice any change in your child’s eating habits at home, please notify a staff member.

The Centre will provide a nutritious morning snack, a hot lunch and an afternoon snack. Children are encouraged to try a little bit of everything unless allergies or religious practices, or beliefs prohibit this. Menus are posted on the main bulletin board and follow a 2-week rotation. Parents will be notified of any menu changes. Menu changes may occur in accordance to supplies on hand. The cost of the food program is $60.00 per billing period (every 4 weeks) & is billed with your parent fees. Parents who choose to do so may opt out of the lunch program and must supply their child’s lunch on a daily basis.

Should your child require breakfast prior to the scheduled morning snack, you are responsible for bringing all food, milk, and juice from home. This is necessary to ensure that we keep within our budgeted amount for food and drink. Parents are asked to limit their use of the kitchen.

Parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s eating behaviour with the staff.

Children celebrating a birthday are welcome to bring a cake or a small treat to share with their friends. Please notify staff if you plan to bring a treat and provide a list of the ingredients. This helps prevent problems for children with allergies. We cannot serve “outside” treats without a list of ingredients attached.

Our Centres have a "nut-free" policy, therefore NO foods containing nut products of any kind are allowed in our Centres.

Chewing gum is not permitted in the Centre.


Nap Time

Infants and Toddlers:
Each child has his/her own crib, playpen, or cot

Sheets for the crib/playpen/cot are supplied by the Daycare. Parents are asked to provide a labeled blanket or comforter. Sheets and blankets are laundered at the Daycare each week. Should you wish to wash your child’s blanket more frequently, you are welcome to take it home.

Naptime for infants and toddlers is flexible and determined by each child’s own schedule and needs.

As your child gets older, we will work towards a more structured day with a regular naptime. Your toddler will begin to nap on a cot prior to moving up to the preschool room. Staff will notify you when your child moves from a crib to a cot.

Children are given the opportunity to sleep between 12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. each day.

In accordance with the Daycare regulations, “Children who are unable to sleep should not be required to stay in bed for an extended period of time”. A separate area has been designated for those children not sleeping during naptime.

Children nap on cots. Parents are required to provide a labeled blanket and pillow if desired. Blankets and cots are washed weekly.

Your child’s sleeping habit should be discussed with a member of the staff.