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Care for Kids Co-op Inc.

Provincial Employees Care for Kids Day Care Centres have well planned programs centered on meeting the needs of children at various ages and developmental levels. Apply Now

The daily schedules include a balance of structured and unstructured activities based on emergent curriculum. Our daily routines are planned to include free play activities (both active and quiet), teacher directed activities, snacks, lunch, rest, hygiene and clean up times. Children are encouraged to participate in their own way in all activities but we also respect the child’s wish not to participate at times.

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We strive to offer a variety of choices and activities that are stimulating as well as fun while keeping consistent daily routines which help the child to feel secure in knowing what happens next.

The infant programs offer a variety of stimulating activities designed to enhance the child’s developmental and social needs. In addition to this aspect of the program, individual needs of each child are met by following individualized daily schedules.